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Muay Thai Mastery outlines in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format everything you need to know to be as prepared as possible for when you step into the ring, including:

- How to prioritize your workouts and schedule your Muay Thai training camp around work and life.

- Nutritional guidance to gain more energy, maximize your workouts and learn how to weight cut safely and effectively.

- Mental training strategies to reduce your nerves, anxiety and stress and feel 100% confident stepping into the ring on fight night.

- Step by step guide on what to expect from day one of your training camp to fight night and afterwards.

- Improve your Muay Thai workouts, become healthier, leaner and get in great shape all while becoming more disciplined and confident in yourself!

Regardless of whether you are training for an upcoming title fight or just want to get in phenomenal shape and improve your Muay Thai training, this book has the answers!

√ Step by Step Walk Throughs Of My Training: Get an inside look of how I go through training camp. You’ll get actual steps and strategies I use for setting goals, scheduling my workouts, weight cutting, pre-fight stare downs, fight day preparation, getting ready inside the locker room, having a prepared corner, warming up before a fight, the fight itself and post fight happenings.

√ The 6 Essentials Every Fighter Needs: Tips on how to choose a gym, what type of equipment to buy, building mental toughness and setting goals.

√ Strategies To Schedule Your Training Camp: How to prioritize your training routines and make an efficient workout schedule based around your busy life.

√ Mental Preparation: How to gain more confidence, discipline and respect. Strategies and techniques to relieve anxiety, stress and nerves during and before training or a fight.

√ Nutritional Guidelines: Eating habits that you need to adapt in order to get leaner and in great shape to maximize your training efforts. Plus my favorite, healthy foods that every fighter should eat!

√ Weight Cutting Advice: Learn the safe and effective way to cut weight.

√ General Training Tips: How to maximize your efforts and improve your conditioning, focus and techniques during shadowboxing, heavy bag work, sparring and all other facets of your Muay Thai workouts.

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